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Join us on a journey of entrepreneurial empowerment. At PSK Capital, we go beyond funding – We cultivate, support, and witness ideas soar to new heights. Your vision, our commitment – let’s make innovation take flight together.

Transforming Dreams into Reality - Explore Strategic Funding, Expert Mentorship, and Innovation Excellence with Us

Whether your ideas are just sparks or blazing flames, our inbox is open to turning them into the success stories of tomorrow.

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Transforming the construction landscape with PSK Capital. We fund startups driving innovation in infrastructure, building technologies, and sustainable construction solutions.


Empowering B2B innovators with PSK Capital. From scalable technologies to streamlined business solutions, we fund startups reshaping the future of B2B interactions.


Fueling the future of real estate technology with PSK Capital. We fund proptech startups driving innovation in property management, smart cities, and sustainable urban solutions.


Catalyzing consumer-driven ventures with PSK Capital. We fund startups revolutionizing the B2C landscape, from personalized experiences to cutting-edge products.

D2C Brands

Elevating Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands with PSK Capital. We fund startups redefining the consumer experience, from e-commerce disruptors to unique brand stories.

Early Stage Startups

Launching tomorrow's visionaries today with PSK Capital. We provide strategic funding and mentorship for early-stage startups, empowering entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Transformative Partnership

Empowering Futures, Igniting Innovation

Explore Opportunities and Shape Your Success Story

At PSK Capital, we go beyond traditional funding. We are architects of success, providing strategic mentorship and financial support to transform dreams into thriving ventures. Join us on a transformative journey where innovation meets unwavering commitment, and every idea takes flight to reach new heights of accomplishment.

Frequently asked questions

These sets of questionnaires and answers by experts can help get a better understanding of our general remodeling services, timeline & process.

PSK Capital is open to a diverse range of innovative startups across various industries. We assess each proposal individually, looking for creativity, viability, and growth potential.

To apply, simply navigate to our ‘Funding Opportunities’ page and follow the guidelines provided. We welcome comprehensive proposals that highlight your startup’s unique value and potential.

PSK Capital distinguishes itself through strategic mentorship in addition to financial support. We are committed to being active partners in your entrepreneurial journey, providing guidance for sustained success.

The approval timeline varies based on the complexity of the proposal. We strive for efficiency and transparency, keeping applicants informed throughout the evaluation process.

Yes, PSK Capital believes in long-term partnerships. We offer continuous mentorship, leveraging our expertise to assist startups in overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable growth.

No, transparency is a core value at PSK Capital. We believe in clear communication and operate without hidden charges. Our goal is to provide honest and reliable support to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

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